6 Dec 2015

Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2013 - Introduction

Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2013 came up with many new enhancements and advancements that will improve user experience and clarify business processes. CRM 2013 also improves usability across multiple browsers and devices. Here are the few new features of CRM 2013.

New Features

Command Bar:

The left navigation in 2011 version is replaced by the touch-friendly, yet mouse-friendly Command Bar. Each command features a down arrow to the right indicating there is a menu below it. The commands are layered, so selecting a command reveals additional options.
Simplified Navigation: 
Rather than using a ribbon displaying every option to the user, the navigation is streamlined to a few commands. The user can select the ellipses called the MORE COMMANDS button to find relevant commands for the records in context.

Flat User Interface:
In CRM 2013, page pop-ups is optional and new pages replaces the current page space.



Business Process Flow

The concept of business process flow is to maintain the stages in process execution.

Ex: while case execution, it is easy to maintain stages in case resolution by using business process flow.

Quick Create Forms
 Whenever the user clicks create on the top right of the screen, the form that is displayed is called the Quick Create form. This allows users to fill out a subset of fields needed to create the record. What’s neat about this is that it does not disturb the record you are on.