6 Dec 2015

Improved Functionality in CRM 2013 from 2011

User InterfaceMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces an entirely new user experience with a brand new user interface.

CRM 2011

CRM 2013
  • Upgraded UI from CRM 4.0
  • CRM functional groups such as Workplace, Sales, Marketing etc are on the bottom left CRM home screen
  • Ribbons have big Icons and Images
  • Color centric around UI
  • User friendly

  • Brand new UX design
  • CRM functional groups are now top of the CRM home page
  • Ribbon layout have changed, only show main ones and rest are hidden until expanded.
  • Lots of white color space around the UX
  • Moderate learning curve 
  • Slide and glide UX when clicking on CRM button
  • Less clicks and less windows to open when working in CRM 

Business Process Flow

In CRM 2013 users can be guided through a process rather than having to know exactly what to do and what comes next. There are out-of-the-box processes, but processes can also be created to match your specific processes with as many phases and steps as you need.

This is a huge positive change and has many direct, quantifiable benefits:

 · Reduced training-time
· Fewer errors and missing information
· Faster data-entry as a result of less confusion

An indirect benefit is that CRM users will use the system in a more standardized way resulting in consistency.

CRM 2011

CRM 2013
  • Cases received in queue executing with less process execution.
  • Workflow is asynchronous only
  • Duplicate detection

  • In 2013 version we can implement the case execution process in a standard and best way, and also we can tract the stage changes easily.
  • Workflow fired synchronously
  • Duplicate detection has been removed for system and custom entities
  • Business rules to streamline customization without having to code JavaScript
  • Auto Saved on record

Mobility :

CRM 2011

CRM 2013
  • Tablet form limitation such as not being able to access custom forms, no JavaScript supported,
  • Custom entity not supported
  • Restrictive in customizing the entity and forms

  • Rules to control if forms is Read-Only on mobile and tablet devices
  • JavaScript supported
  • Workflows supported
  • Custom entities supported
  • Dashboard supported
  • Less restrictive to customize on tablet devices
  • Multi-entities search
  • Custom sub-grid support
  • Supports CRM Online and CRM On-Premise (IFD)

Data Entry :

CRM 2011  
CRM 2013
  • Manual save
  • Manual redirect for create
  • Auto save
  • Quick create
  • Quick view of data
  • Inline editable grids

Server Side Synchronization :

CRM 2011
  CRM 2013
  • Uses email router to facility incoming and outgoing emails
  • Email router is going away and replace with server side sync between Outlook and Exchange server.